Let’s go and dance outside
Let’s go be young
I am excited

But there’s a hurricane outside

I don’t care,
I just really enjoy the peace I have within
I am so in love with that solace of chaos outside
I hear no voices anymore
I feel no dispute anymore
I am all united with one plan; to live
And it damn sure feels good to be together again.
Yes, there’s a hurricane outside
Now Let’s go dance.

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A soul so troubled and these four walls
A soul so troubled in these four walls
A soul I would kill if I knew what it would become
But by my naïveté and miseducation, it was the habit that I would enthral.

Tell me how the outside looks, I ask a pair of footsteps
She tells me it’s full of books, and I assume she is a biblioklept
Tell me what it’s like in all that danger out there
He says, it’s not dangerous, but I say it’s not his place to declare.
Well, let’s be fair. He was giving his opinion but for that answer, no less could I care.

I grew hungry with time and asked for some food
“Who told you to get in there?” said one fool
“You foul mouthed chimp”
But he said to me, “Get the hell up child, pick your books and head to school.
Too much time wasted feeling sad
But a few misfortunes and wrong advice is all you had.”

What do you mean? This is me.
It’s not anyone else’s doing, it’s my decision and it’s free
I have been hurt not one time, not two times but three
And so I will stay here for my safety, even if it’s lonely, to some degree.
I am sick of the environment out there, it gets me jittery
I will stay here in my own company and when I am done I will leave this winery
Maybe then I will be cooler, as I deserve to be.

He said but just then started to knock one wall down
In fear and uncertainty, I ran to the other end but tripped and fell hard to the ground
The broken ring finger was painless
But I was grabbed by the shirt and lifted like a feather or less.
Looking carefully I found it was a girl but her voice was deep
And she had broken her right ring finger. Oh look, her left one too
And she told me, “Come with me I will show you something new
I have been here before and twice I have been you.”

I like the way you genuinely asked why I never listen to your guidance and proceeded to not listen to the reply.

Two Lands

290990Tropical and Not.

Tropical, content and artistic

Not, troubled and innovative

Not, need survive.

Tropical, need decorate

Not, need think ahead of the cold, heat and dry land

Tropical, need not

Not, need provide safety and physiological needs

Tropical, need provide self-actualization and art

Not, need focus on its science as is.

Tropical, need focus on its art as naturally inclined

Be as you were made

Live your truth.


Such inspiration from a yellow sun.
Such beauty and service all meshed together so well.
Such power shown to the followers yet all in silence.

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Talk about uncertainties

And look at our diversities

Not quite the cliché, as a country or nation,

But think of it as perspiration

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For the hate of a whoring heart and the mastery of a meaningful mind,

Such is the heart that loves like waged for it

Such is the heart that starves when caged from it

Such is the heart that does the above then gets enraged about it.

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It is beautiful in that it is not ugly.

It is fragrant in that it is odourless.

It is smooth in that it isn’t rough.

It is sweet in that it is not bitter.

It is harmonic in that it is not dissonant.

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18 years we were not

I like they continuation.

It makes the whole poem so sweet and touchy feel-y.

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18 years I have laid my feet on the floors of this house.
18 years I have seen furniture change with trends.
18 years I have beheld with my eyes, the young man growing up, for
18 years, I have been his girl servant.
18 years I have cooked and cleaned after his mess because for
18 years I have seen him bring home new alcohol
18 years I have seen the cheapest and the most expensive of wines.
18 years I have seen the flashiest of vodkas.
18 years I have seen the strongest of gins.
18 years I have seen the most vintage of whiskeys.
18 years I have seen him just taste all of them sip after sip
18 years I have witnessed him toss the bottles out of the door when he is done tasting.
18 years I have seen him bring in new vodka while…

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